Gladstone Hotel is First Ontario Hotel to Commit to 100 Green Energy

March 12, 2019 Author—Francesca Posted in—Hotel News

Toronto’s most creative hotel is now also its greenest! Partnering with Bullfrog Power, we’ll be the first hotel in Ontario to commit to 100% green electricity and 100% green natural gas for our entire operations.

Our Founder & Creative Director, Christina Zeidler, spearheaded the initiative after reading a report by the International Tourism Partnership that called for the need for hotels to reduce their carbon footprint by 90% by 2050 to keep global warming below the 2-degree threshold (as the hotel sector accounts for 1% of carbon emissions worldwide!).

As Canada’s only B-Corp certified hotel, we’ve always focused on environmentally sustainable and socially conscious business practices

“We’re putting our values where our mouth is. If companies don’t start taking action now, the next generation is going to pay for it. We’re modelling a new way of doing business, one that prioritizes people and the environment over profits,” says Christina.

As Canada’s only B-Corp certified hotel, we’ve always focused on environmentally sustainable and socially conscious business practices, measuring success with a triple bottom line since 2005. We really hope to lead a movement among the hotel industry in Canada through its 100% renewable energy program, accessible contemporary arts programming, commitments to local environmentally and socially conscious vendors and suppliers, as well as a strong focus on anti-oppressive and inclusive policies.

“The Gladstone Hotel has taken meaningful action towards eliminating its carbon footprint by committing to 100% renewable energy for its entire operations,” said Sean Drygas, Executive Vice President, Bullfrog Power Sustainability Solutions. “We are thrilled to welcome the Gladstone to the Bullfrog community, setting a strong example for how businesses can support Canadian green energy and help combat climate change.”


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