Leah & Alannah’s West Queen West Wedding

June 10, 2019 Author—Alexa Gargoum Posted in—Uncategorized

The Gladstone Hotel is more than just a wedding venue – it’s an extension of every couple who chooses to get married here. Most of the time, our couples have had a long relationship with the hotel – from hitting a high note at our weekly karaoke nights, exhibiting their first piece of art in our galleries or attending a legendary queer party.

Take Alannah and Leah, one of our favourite Gladstone couples! They chose the Gladstone as a backdrop for their special day as it had sentimental value to them. It’s where they met a lot of important people in their lives and our Melody Bar is where they went for their first date (attending a Tinder Tales night)!

Beyond their personal connections to the hotel, Alannah and Leah fell in love with the beauty of the building, the exposed brick and the string lights in our ballroom. They will also never forget their “first look” on the private Tower Suite balcony, popping a bottle of champagne and enjoying the views of the city.

Here are some highlights from one of our favourite weddings of the year with rockstar couple Alannah & Leah! Photos were taken by the talented Natalie Sorichetti Photo!