Meet the Magnetic Miss Moço

September 10, 2019 Author—Alexa Gargoum Posted in—Events

The Gladstone launched Drag Brunch last winter hoping for big things. But nobody expected things to become quite this big. From surprise celebrity appearances to streetcar drag takeovers to being nominated for a NOW Magazine Readers’ Choice Award, Drag Brunch has flourished this year.

That’s because of Miss Moço. The beloved host of Drag Brunch is an energetic performer with a knack for building community and creating welcoming spaces.

We sat down with the west end’s brunch queen to get her thoughts on Family Drag Brunch, the Canadian RuPaul’s Drag Race and the business she runs when not on stage. Here’s what she had to share.

We want to know the origin story of Miss Moço! When did you start getting into drag and why did you start? How long have you been doing it?

I’ve always had an appreciation for women’s clothing from a young age and in my 20s I started to add pieces into my wardrobe. Back in May of 2015, a friend asked me to be on the poster for his monthly party, Business Woman’s Special – Wig Edition, and I just asked if I could perform. Miss Moço was born that night! The name Miss Moço (which is also my last name) was what friends would call me, so it kind of naturally stuck as my drag name. At the end of that year, I moved to Lisbon, Portugal where I worked on my art and came back in 2018 a brand new queen!

There is definitely some excitement brewing from Rupaul announcing Drag Race in Canada. What are your thoughts around the Canadian drag scene vs. the US vs. Portugal/International?

It’s an exciting time for drag all around the world. With the mainstream push it’s received, it has opened so many more doors for performers. I’ve seen drag all around Europe and North America and with the rise of Drag Race comes the rise of supporting your local drag. It’s been so great seeing drag all around, from small towns to big cities.

What do you think makes the west end drag scene so unique?

I think the west end drag scene beats to its own drum, carving out space for the art and creating some real magic in the city.

We’re doing our first family Drag Brunch on Saturday, September 28 – what are your thoughts on introducing kids and families to drag or even the idea of kids doing drag?

I’m all here for it. We have families with kids frequent Sunday Drag Brunch – it does keep you on your toes with being aware and mindful with language and song choices as most queens are used to late-night bar shows. I think kids doing drag is great, if not important, as drag is an amazing art form for self-expression and discovery.

What is your favourite part of performing at our Drag Brunch every Sunday?

Firstly, I love to entertain, but I also love hosting and meeting the customers. The mimosas (and my MiMoço branded mimosa) are pretty good too