Now Brewing Propeller Coffee

September 10, 2019 Author—Alexa Gargoum Posted in—Hotel News

We’re full of beans about some big news! Pun intended, because the Gladstone Hotel is thrilled to announce a brand new partnership with Propeller Coffee. Guests in the Cafe can now enjoy a delicious cup of Propeller that’s freshly-ground to order.

Teaming up with Propeller was a no-brainer for the hotel. Not only is their roastery located in the west end, but they’re also aligned with the hotel’s social and environmental mandate. 

It’s a partnership that’s already making its mark.

Since making the switch to Propeller the hotel has already further reduced the amount of coffee packaging going into recycling.  Beans are freshly ground into mason jars, provided by Propeller to measure out the coffee, and they’re then reused in rotation. 

Propeller is a fellow certified B-Corporation. This means they’re always working on being more socially conscious and sustainable — from building direct trade relationships, to roasting beans in what is likely Canada’s most energy efficient and lowest footprint roastery, to packaging these coffees in biodegradable bags.

The Gladstone is also particularly excited to team up with another member of the Bullfrog Power community (the hotel is celebrating six months of being 100% committed to green energy with Bullfrog).

It’s a perfect match!

We can’t wait to see where this exciting partnership will take us next.