Sq ft. 184
View Gladstone Ave Urban Streetscape

Our design strategy was guided by a dedication to purity – of materials, form, function and space. flight316.ca is composed of three design themes, each reflecting the experience of the traveler: Containers The hotel room – as container of the guest – provides a safe haven. Similarly, floating boxes contain and organize the elements of this comfortable hotel room both visually and functionally. Hand crafted from walnut wood, the furniture serenely floats above the floor. Concierge A dual metaphor for the meandering traveler and the concierge, the continuous wall-mounted rail system takes on different functions as it wanders throughout the room and guides the guest into and around the space. Big Sky The upholstered and scented sky mural opens the room and virtually extending the space beyond the physical perimeter and underscoring the liberation of travel. This effect provides the guest with a feeling of space and freedom while adding nature and art to the room.

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Unique to this room
  • 3 piece bathroom
  • Queen Bed